This is Jeff


Jeff was born in 1970 and raised in South Minneapolis by his mother and father. The youngest of four, Jeff learned quickly at a young age not to count the underdog out.

Jeff was educated in the Minneapolis Public School system and graduated from Minneapolis Washburn in 1988. He had many great experiences through those formative years that taught him lessons and gave him perspective for the life ahead.


In 1982, at the age of 12, Jeff started to work at the Metrodome, occasionally working over 40 hours a week at that young age.  Jeff is now a graduate of Dunwoody Institute in the HVAC Associates Program and the 5 Year Pipefitter’s Local 539 HVAC Service Apprenticeship. He has earned his City and State Licenses in various fields of HVAC work and, for the last 19 years, has worked at the Minneapolis City Hall as Pipefitter Foreman.


Jeff married his beautiful wife Amanda in 1996 and has four wonderful children. Hannah, who graduated Jefferson High School in 2016 and now works for Park Nicollet, Timothy who graduated Jefferson High School in 2018 and now serves in the US Navy as a jet mechanic, Kenan who is a junior at Jefferson this year and Micah who is a freshman at Jefferson this year.  Amanda is a para with the special needs program and now works at Jefferson High School alongside some of the most awesome teachers and paras around. She also leads a program at our church called Buddy Break, assisting with special needs kids and families.


Bringing Common Sense
Back To Our Schools

My experience as a parent for the past 24 years gives me the background needed to be a school board member. Being an advocate for trades work and their integration into public schools, I find it critical to make these future careers and their backgrounds available to our students.
School classes should stay neutral and on the subject, not drifting into things that cause division. We need to ensure our children are successful in the classes that help them grow into responsible adults. To do this, we must reconcile the "us and them" mentality. Doing this will allow our children to grow and mature and give them the tools needed to become independent in the career path they choose.
My heart is heavy over the divide that Critical Race Theory is spreading.  I will stand against any notion of it respectively.  It is a dangerous trend, and something as divisive as CRT is a clear and conscionable red flag that we all should take notice of.
Growing up in the '70s and '80s, I have never experienced the amount of anger, outrage, and division we have now.  We have been on the wrong path for many years, and we need to work together to find out how we can fix it not only for our benefit but for our children's sake. Kids do not view the world as we do. However, they mimic what they see. So let's show them some common sense and put us back on the right track.